Day Forty Eight - Letz get mozzel'd


So today was a day that I should have been spending in two places ... One, in West Cork with my fellow Ballymaloe students ... Two, amongst the fantastic vineyards in Luxembourg's Moselle region with the "Letz Get Crew" however I think I made the smart move ... chilling and going at my own pace for this weekend. 😎

I woke early thanks to my black feathered friends outside my window ... I still want a shogun ... πŸ’₯

I finished yesterdays blog and went back asleep ... I decided not to set an alarm clock to see what my body would take out of the remainder of the morning ... and low and behold it had me awake in plenty of time to see the rugby ... πŸ˜€

After the rugby I did a bit of food shopping at the Cookery school shop and then into Middleton for a badly needed trip to the pharmacy for some sort of a tonic ... I have been assured that the one they sold me will sort me right out! 🀫

When I got back I was "beamed in by satellite" to the Letz get crew who were most of the way through their wine tasting tour ... was really cool of them to include me in the day ... despite the fact that the little Greek invited a guest to replace me 😝 I believe a fantastic day was had by all ... Well done McDucks! πŸ‘

For the rest of the evening I wanted to really relax so I found a decent spotify playlist and started cooking ... I had been craving pita gyros but I decided to do a reasonably healthy chicken souvlaki  ... and a beast of a spanakopita... no half measures ... 😝 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· 

Some of my housemates joined me then before we knew it we were joined by another 3 guests ... including two ex-Ballymaloe students who are back working for a stage in the kitchens. In fact both of them (Bibi and Helen) actually stayed at Pennyworth on the last and prior to last courses ... so we had three generations of Pennyworth in Pennyworth at once ! (Cool in a Ballymaloe kind of way) πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

Tomorrow I want more of the same ... however I intend to try get back to the gym again ... let's see how that goesπŸ‘