Day Forty Nine - And week seven ends ...


Before I start this one ... don’t get too excited ... it will be a brief one ☝️ 

A day of filing, writing, cleaning, ironing, a walk, some sport and chilling! 🤫

The writing was preparing the script for the Bloomsday event next weekend and it was great to be able to take the laptop and sit in the garden with a proper coffee ☕️ 

Also the kombucha I started two thursdays ago is now ready ... I had a little taste today and it tastes “proper” ... so I’ve put the remaining two litres aside for a second fermentation to infuse some strawberry flavour ... let’s see how this works 😝

No real cooking today as sometimes the second day pie can be tasty for lunch 😊

I can’t believe week eight starts tomorrow 😱... order of work is done ... I’m on bread duty tomorrow (brown bread) so that needs to be done in addition to the rest!

Tomorrow I am making crab toast with lemon aioli and a caramelised French apple tart!