Day Fifteen - Some "me" time!


I seem to have a habit these days of waking up in strange beds (and no ... not for that reason!!!) and this morning was no different! Early enough start to the bank holiday considering we didn't get to bed until around 3 a.m. ... good old Youghal hospitality 😊

I had breakfast made for me with the sweet dulcet tones of my cousin switching between singing "battle hymn of the republic" and "the band plays waltzing matilda" serenading me as the fry sizzled away ... the smell of the food was better than the sounds that accompanied it, I can tell you that 😜. Very grateful to have food served to me for once rather than me dishing it out ! (thanks Tommy and Noelle for the hospitality)


I headed back to Ballymaloe early afternoon and after some news trawling on line, trying to keep my self semi informed with the going on's outside my culinary bubble I decided on a nice stroll around the farm and gardens ... with my camera ... no point in bringing it if I don't use it, right?

The grounds around the school are a pleasure to stroll around especially at your own pace, there's a lovely sense of calm ... I've included a few photo's today but will add a few to other posts over the next week or so.

Throughout the late afternoon my housemates started to filter back into the house after being away over the weekend, each with their own stories to be told and some with pure raw excitement, especially from the visitors to Ireland having experienced something new! 

I sat with a glass of red and worked through my order of work and recipes for tomorrow ... all done now and time for an early night! 

Week Three begins ...