Day Fourteen - A day of rest


You’d think certain people would know how tired you are and not call you at 8 a.m. 😜 well apparently not ... and so the trend was set for my lazy day! I was determined to catch up on some sleep but each time I drifted off throughout the morning there were phone calls to disturb ... not the worst complaint but ... it gives me something to moan about! 😇 There’s been very little to moan about over the past few weeks and when I stop and think about it ... I feel very fortunate! The number of people who have commented that I look really happy in my photos from Ballymaloe .... and again when I think about it I haven’t felt out of form or in a bad mood since I arrived ... except the numerous times I have contemplated the mass murder of those bloody crows 😜

I also realised I have barely watched any tv since I’ve been here I’ve not even kept up with the news properly ... I wonder is there any connection between that and feeling content 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂

I just chilled around the house for the afternoon doing a bit of cleaning and tidying ... exciting for a bank holiday ... then I drove the 25 minutes or so to Youghal to catch up with one of my cousins and his family I hadn’t seen in a couple of years! I have to say it was a pleasure to walk into a happy house, kids playing together and laughing all the time ... there’s nothing like it! 

Nice «traditional» seafood meal in Aherne’s of Youghal (the largest plate possible put in front of me, with a “dam” of potatoes through the middle) followed by a few beverages at Berties! Nice way to spend a bank holiday Sunday!

Monday should be another chill out day with a bit of prep for Tuesdays cooking ... oh and a badly needed visit to the gym!