Day Seventy Two - the lack of ability to study! 🤔


This morning I struggled to get out of bed as I only fell asleep around 7 a.m. !!! 😱 So I was like a zombie walking into the kitchen this morning! 😴

Today I was cooking a bean salad with tomato, buffalo mozzerella and basil and roast pork with cracking and spicy aubergines ... I didn't tax myself too much so also made a batch of gram masala that I should be able to use for my exam!  ☺️

Before demo this afternoon we had a flying visit from Hugh Maguire ... The Smokin' Butcher from Navan. Last year Hugh won a Great Taste Award for his smoked black pudding ... not only that but he won the “Supreme Champion Award for 2017” at the great Taste Awards in London. A great Irish success story! 😀

The afternoon demo was by Rachel and included double lamb chops, scotch eggs and hot soufflés ... no photos of the souffles as we scoffed them down during the demo! 

  • Beef Consommé
  • Consommé Brunoise, Julienne and Royale......
  • Feta, Watermelon, Toasted Pinenuts and Mint Leaf Salad
  • Fava Beans and Pecorino
  • Pan-grilled Mackerel
  • Green Gooseberry Sauce
  • Flat Parsley Butter Torched Mackerel with Cucumber Pickle, Radishes and Horseradish Cream Scotch Egg Salad
  • Double Lamb Chops with Sumac, Broad Beans, Melted Cherry Tomatoes and Coriander Flowers
  • Pan-grilled Lamb, Zucchini and Broad Bean Salad
  • Sticky Asian Pork, Herb and Roasted Peanut Salad
  • Summer Green Salad
  • River Café Almond Tart with Strawberries and MintV Frangipane Tart with Prunes and Armagnac
  • Hot Lemon Soufflé
  • Grand Marnier Soufflé
  • Hot Chocolate Soufflé
  • Strawberries with Lemon Basil
  • Chocolate Mint Leaves

The late afternoon and evening was just reading and reading ... and hoping something stays in my head about wine ... I'm not sure it has ... we live in hope ... Now I remember why I was so bad at exams in school! 🤔

Wine exam is at 8 a.m. tomorrow ... then a day of demo's ... including a sushi and a chocolate section! 🤞