Day Twenty One - A Write off


A day of recovery ... must be that "cold" going around again ... 🤫 Not much to shout about today unfortunately ... but a valuable lesson learned !!! 

"A fry up does not make all things right again! "

On the plus side I did get to practise my omelette skills for dinner as I had no other food in! (one of my techniques) The quality of the eggs here is ridiculous, how I will go back to eating "normal" eggs I don't know ! I also had to indulge in one of my comfort foods ... greek yoghurt and honey (still didn't fix the "cold")

Filing complete, order of work done, whites ready for next week! Tomorrow I am making a Victoria sponge, Swede puree with parmesan and olive oil, Potatoes (again) and brown yeast bread (I cannot destroy it this time!)

Ready for week 4!