Day Twenty Eight - No rest for the wicked!


Yet another day where I woke in a strange bed ... familiar house ... but strange bed (thanks Libby)! I was the guest of my aunt and uncle on the "Cappagh Estate" in "upper Kinsale"😉. I have very fond memories of Kinsale from my childhood so a visit there is always very special ... not only that but my Aunty Kathy was actually in Cathal Brugha Street learning to be a cook at the same time as Darina and her sister in law Hazel! (My Aunt Rita was there also at the same time - My Aunt Paula was there years later!) ... funny how things come around (It’s in the blood!!!)

Anyway ... "Aunty Kath" runs a good ship and there's never a shortage of good food when you visit! However I think I may have just ruined her life though ... I brought a loaf of Ballymaloe sourdough with me (some jams and chutneys too) ... I think she may have gotten the bug ... get working on your starter !!! 👩🏻‍🍳

Anyway a lovely breakfast with the view below (it never gets old) was just right to set me up for the day! Thanks for the hospitality guys 😘


A quick drive back to Midleton for a car wash (you can imagine what those crows do to the car !!! 🤮), a haircut (as i was sitting there a man drags his son in by the arm and complains (shouting) at one of the girls that yesterday one of them cut the top of his forehead with a razor (the rest of the hair was long) and that it was the second time it happened ... I think he may need to check that his son wasn't playing barber when he got home each time !!! ... entertaining in it's own way!😇), a bit of shopping ... I needed to buy a chicken to practice jointing it ... (it'll be fish during the week hopefully) and the good thing about the practice is that you then HAVE to cook something ... so I went for my old reliable ... Kotopita 🇬🇷(recipe in my cookbook blog) ... I ended up sharing it with one of my housemates Aisling and Bi-Bi (a French lady who did the course last term and is back working for a few months) ... a nice evening all in all! 

Oh and on the way back I noticed the goalpost is for sale (I heard about it last week) ... a mikromoucafe in east cork !!! 😂😂

Ready for week 5 (this apparently is the week where people get tetchy with each other as they are tired and stressed with the exam looming!), let's see what happens 😜

For those of you in Luxembourg ... enjoy your bank holiday and for my favourite Greek ... Χρόνια πολλά  ðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜œðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜‚