Day Thirty Four - Nobody does a BBQ like culinary students πŸ˜‚


Today was supposed to be a day where I would chill out and do a little bit of prep for a study day on Sunday ... it didn't exactly work out like that! β˜€οΈ

A quick trip with the Orchard Gardens (another cottage, just off the farm grounds) crew to Ballycotton seafood to each buy a flat and a round fish to practise filleting on ... in preparation for our exam next Friday! That all went fine and well ... but when we added in a shed load of oysters into the mix ... it was never going to end well! 

We then decided on a little day trip into Cork city ... primarily to go to the English Market but also to try get something different to eat (Miyazaki - that ended up being closed!). I'd been to the English market before but I do love a stroll round there at my own leisure and not buying anything on the first lap ... just looking and appreciating ... then on the second lap ... let loose ☺️

I learnt a valuable lesson today ... bring a back pack with you when shopping in a market as your arms are hanging off you by the end of it ... especially when you buy half the ocean and half a cow πŸ˜„

A nice stroll around Cork City and a decent burger at "son of a bun" before we headed back to Midleton to buy some Organic chickens for jointing 🀫

The bbq was kind of impromptu, planned but not planned ... but what a feast we had ... we still need to practise our bbq'ing skills but what a decent effort 

  • Blade steak with chimichurri sauce
  • Squid marinated in lemon, oregano, coriander and chilli
  • Octopus marinated in lemon, oregano and parsley
  • Lamb merguez
  • Roast Shallots
  • Roast spring onions
  • BBQ'd corgettes, aubergines and fennel
  • Cucumber pickle
  • Dublin bay prawns 
  • Oysters 

The standard over the last two weeks has now been set ... game on for the next 7 weeks 😜

We had a power outage in the area due to a silage trailer coming off a tractor and taking out a pole ... but we managed to survive ...😜

The evening ended up extremely chilled in front of the Pennyworth fire with smores and experimental popcorn ... chimichurri popcorn actually works ... πŸ˜‡

Sunday will be a day of recovery and practise ... exams are coming!