Day Sixty Three - The day after the night before

From the WC at Pennywort! 

From the WC at Pennywort! 

This morning I was woken by an expected phone call ... my mother ... forgetting to invite me for breakfast but instead asking for a lift to the car ! 😝 🤔 So as any dutiful son would do ... I went back asleep ... joking ... 🤣 I collected the Ward ladies from Ballycotton and brought them of a tour of Ballymaloe ... I like giving people the tour of the place as it allows me to reaffirm my affinity to the place but it also allows me to see the amazement and joy on peoples faces when they walk around the gardens and farm!

We had a great laugh with Saorise and myself looking on bemused as the ladies traded stories of days gone by  ... like the Day Annie fed the butter to the pigs and my grandfather wasn't impressed at all ... (you kind of had to be there ...) 😘

Once the ladies left I headed into Middleton to get some groceries and then knocked up a Kotopita ...  as many of you know my comfort food ... needed after the night before! 😂 I then messed around with my latest batch of Kombucha and Kefir water ... so I now have (or will have in a few days) 7 litres of Strawberry kombucha and a litre of ginger and strawberry kefir water (not sure how that will taste).

I also managed to see the Dubs win on TV ... so all in all a good day! 😀

Week 9 now comes to an end ... and tomorrow Week 10 begins ... into the last three weeks and it'll all be about studying and preparing for the final exams (apparently notoriously tough) 🤞