Day Sixty Seven - Whirlwind!


I'm not sure if I remember too much of this morning ... I think I got to the kitchen as usual around 8 a.m. ... my partner Chris wasn't in today and I took on the challenge of doing both his and my dishes ... so today I cooked Duck Breast with beetroot piquant, Spicy fish cakes with a spicy thai dressing, I started my duck confit and then i made Duck Wing Ragu ... now to be honest I didn't even know duck wing ragu was a thing ... but I guessed something was up as the teachers started breaking their hearts laughing when they heard I was the one who had it ... not that it's a bad recipe ... it's just a massive effort ... the ragu is not just made with 12 duck wings like the recipe says ... it was made with the collection of all the wings being trimmed of the ducks today ... that was a lot of wings ... 😱

Anyway I set myself the challenge of doing all dishes and under the guidance of Tiffin ... we prevailed! I have to say that this was my favourite morning in the kitchen so far ... I was flat out ... still managed a bit of messing but ... it was one thing straight after another ! Thanks Tiffin for the trust and the encouragement! Not a bad effort all in all! 😊

I was wrecked after the morning so went back to the cottage for a shower ... however I was determined not to take a nap ... but as Mark McC said ... the nap took me ... 😇 so I joined demo late ... today the demo was with Rachel and the theme was around Tuna and Duck again with some puff pastry deserts added for good measure1

  • Seared or pan-grilled Tuna with Chermoula
  • Seared Tuna with Piperonata & Tapenade
  • Chargrilled Swordfish or Tuna, Roast Red Pepper Salsa
  • Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio, Asian Dressing
  • Sashimi of Tuna or Mackerel, Crisp Radishes and Scallions
  • Tuna Burger with Pickled Ginger on Brioche Buns
  • Duck Legs with Onion and Thyme Leaves
  • Duck Legs with White Turnips
  • Duck Legs with Honey and Rosemary served with a salad of organic leaves
  • Duck Confit Salad, Rocket, Apple, Walnuts
  • Summer Green Salad, Parmesan, Lemon Juice
  • Gateau Pithivier
  • Palmiers, Butterflies, Bow Ties
  • Alicia’s Cheese Straws
  • Croissants and Pain au Chocolat and Cinnamon Buns
  • Martha Rosenthal’s Red Lentil Dahl

After demo ... I made a batch of pita dough for the weekend ... then a trip to Midleton for some shopping! After that I had to finally sit down and figure out what menu I was going to prepare for my final practical exam ... I have decided now and will submit it in the morning ... It's Indian themed ... but I am a little unsure if I can get it completed in the allocated time (3 hours) ... I will also get a bread to bake assigned to me for the exam ... that may be the undoing of me ... but fingers crossed, in for a penny ...

Tomorrow I am finishing my Duck Confit and making a Gateau Pithivier, I also have to make some puff pastry ... and a yeast bread ... well at least its the weekend tomorrow ... well a weekend of study! Wine Exam next week! 😱