Day Seventy Five - Silence of the lamb!


Another night of lack of sleep here and a real struggle to get into the kitchen ... but once I was in the kitchen I kicked into gear and managed to get though my dishes fairly handy ... 😊

Today I cooked Lobster with cream and fresh herbs ... and ... Tarte Tatin ... both turned out really well and i was happy with them ... πŸ˜†

After lunch we had a visit from a chicken farmer ... and learnt about how things used to be done , before mass chicken "production" ... enough said ... 😱☺️

Demo today was done by Rachel and it was a nice melange of dishes ...

  • Mexican Ceviche
  • Asian Ceviche
  • Potted Lobster
  • Rosette of Smoked Salmon
  • Sweet Cucumber Salad
  • Smoked Irish Salmon with Potato Wafers and Horseradish Cream
  • Smoked Wild Irish Salmon with Arjard and Pickled Red Onions
  • Pork en CrΓ΄ute with Duxelle, 
  • Bramley Apple Sauce 
  • Lentils du Puy
  • Gratin Dauphinois and variations
  • Potato and Celeriac Gratin
  • New Potatoes with Mint
  • Green Salad with Verjuice Dressing
  • Ballymaloe Coffee Ice-Cream with Irish Coffee Sauce
  • Cappuccino Ice-Cream
  • Coffee or Chocolate Ice-Cream in Chocolate Cases with Rum Flavoured Cream
  • Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla Parfait with Hot Chocolate Sauce
  • Cappuccino Ice-Cream
  • Summer Bombe with Fresh Strawberry Coulis
  • Ice-Cream Bombe with Butterscotch Sauce

Unfortunately I also learned of some sad news and the passing of a good friends father ... an absolute gent! My thoughts are with you and your family Jez πŸ˜’

After demo we went to work on the lamb ... we marinaded it in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and zest, marjoram, salt and freshly ground black pepper ... it is currently resting in the cold room at the school πŸ˜ƒ

After that a trip into Midleton for some supplies for tomorrow ... then a bit of chill time ... before the long day tomorrow  ... we start the fire for the Asador lamb tomorrow at 10.a.m ... hoping it will be ready for 8 p.m. 🀞