Day Forty Three - The inevitable goodbye


Bank holiday Monday ... still a novel idea for me having lived in Luxembourg for so long where bank holidays can fall on any day of the week ... It's not the same having one on a Tuesday or Wednesday ...😢

This one started with brunch in Pier 26, where Eggs Benedict and a grill up were enjoyed! The little Greek was then to experience Ballymaloe for the first time ... A visit to the shop, a quick tour of the school and gardens to try and share the feeling and experience of being here at Ballymaloe. (Misson Accomplished ?)🙏🏼

Then the inevitable goodbye came with a trip into Kent station in Cork ... see you in 8 weeks! (thanks for a fantastic weekend)😘😍

On return to Ballymaloe it was time to relax a little and head to the beach ... however ... most of east Cork seemed to have the same idea ... even though the tide was out ... we managed to do a bit of sun lounging (about 22 degrees C) and even got a bit of a swim in ... after a 5 minute walk to the water! 😂

Then it was time for a BBQ ... well salad and a BBQ ... I think I am getting to the point of over exposure when it comes to food ... I will start trying to ween myself off the Ballymaloe portions over the next few days ... as they will have to roll me out of here in six weeks if I keep going this way! 😊

Anyway ... we still managed a few craft ciders while sitting around the fire ...😜

Order of work done for tomorrow ... I am cooking Steak and Kidney pie (with my puff pastry made last week) and colcannon (click link to hear song)...

Week 7 begins ...