Day Fifty Six - Operation Clean Up


The funny thing about cooking for a load of people is that you never remember admist the enjoyment of the preparation that you have to clean up the next morning! I arrived down this morning and the place was like a bomb site ... I needed to clean ... however first I had to meet Will for breakfast at Pier 26 in Ballycotton! I wasn't hungover in the slightest but I definitely felt better after the feed! 

On arriving back to the school I noticed a good bit of the cleaning had been done ... outside, Mark and inside Christian ... but none the less I grabbed the hoover and didn't stop for the next hour and a half! 

A bit of filing and reading then for the rest of the afternoon ... then I realised there was no food left in the kitchen so .... only one thing for it ... a trip to the Blackbird and some fish n’chips!!!


Work order done for tomorrow ... I’m cooking a madras curry with raita 🤔

Week 9 starts tomorrow ... entering the last month!!!!