Day Eighty One - "Study Day"


Today was the second day of practical exams ... so those of us who cooked yesterday had a day to study ... or try to study! πŸ˜—

I got up fairly early to try and get some stuff done ... however I think I am incapable of studying ... I can read and read but what stays in this thick head of mine is minimal! 

There is so much to learn, we spend 12 weeks here and then it suddenly dawns on us how much we have actually been told ... and basically anything is up for examination! I don't think I have ever felt as unprepared for an exam ... actually that’s not true ... I always feel unprepared going into exams or at least I did 20+ years ago ... my only hope is that some of it has seeped into my brain over the last X years when I have been reading and cooking at home! 

Exams start tomorrow at 8:30 and there are 3 papers in total ...

Paper 1 is on the business of food, fire precaution, Food hygiene and the like 

Paper 2 is on herbs, spices salad leaves identification, seasonal foods, our Wednesday lectures and speciality demos, chocolate, Game, Tea etc.

Paper 3 is on Cookery Terms, Preserving, Speciality demos (again) Fish and Meat identification, Allergens etc.

Actually typing that reinforces how little I think I know ... but ... at this stage I know what I know so I'll not panic and try sleep well ! 😴

Hopefully all is done and dusted by 3:30 p.m. 🀞