Day Forty One - Tale of the two Burgers πŸ”


A bit of a sleep in on Saturday morning ... some might say well deserved ... others may say lazy #%*%!.

i was given a little present from the β€œLetz get” crew back in Lux ... thanks BK and all 😘😜😜 Β (Enjoy Letz get Mosel’d without me 😒)


We arrived in Cork city in time for lunch and the craving of the morning was for a burger ... last time I was in Cork city we asked some guys in a coffeeshop for recommendations on the best place to have a burger. One of them recommended West Cork burger company so we decided to try that ... not bad but have had better 😜 I did like their cucumber pickle though ...  Darina would be very proud 🀫

Next up was the search for a decent coffee ... and a very decent coffee we did find ... Soma coffee company on Tuckey street ... excellent coffee and some of it will be heading back to Luxembourg on Monday 😝

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the streets of Cork trying to avoid Brown Thomas!!! Failed on that front πŸ˜„

We got back to Ballycotton just as the Eucharistic procession was finishing at the pier ... as we walked through the crowd to see the views! 

We lost track of time and it was 10 p.m. before we decided we could do with something to eat, that is not compatible (I learned ... I should have known, Castlecoote!!!) with being in a small Irish village ... however as we were walking to the Blackbird for a few drinks, Skinny’s (the little chipper) had the door open and light on ... and without thinking i walked in, said hello and ordered ...  not realising the guy was cleaning down! 🀫 In fairness to the owner he said he was closed ... but the grill is still on so he could make us a burger ... and a burger it was ... in fact for well under half the price it was a tastier burger than the wagyu burger I had earlier on! Β πŸ” 😱

We finished the night listening to some music in the Blackbird Β ... great to hear live ballads and a bit of trad being sung and played in a local pub!

Sunday there is a seafood and shanty festival in Ballycotton ... including a πŸ¦€ derby!!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡