Day Eleven - Eggstatic!


It seems that I am naturally waking up these days at around 6:45 a.m.  ... not sure I’m entirely comfortable with that but I guess it’s making sure that I won’t be late while I am here at Ballymaloe (having said that I’ll probably sleep in one of the days now 😜) It also gives me a bit of time to get ready in the morning so no great rush required!

I arrived into the kitchen today around 8:00 a.m. and went through the normal rigmarole  of getting ingredients together, I was extremely relaxed as I knew that I just had a “curry” to make ... in fairness I should have made a bread or practised another technique but it kinda dawned on me a little too late! As I was limited in what I could do (or decided to do) and I was ridiculously chilled I was able to help out a few others with little things ... 😇

I was very happy  with the final result today and got some great feedback .. I should probably refrain from kissing Justin on the top of the head when he marks my dishes in future, it's not good for any one 😜

The afternoon demo today was with the lovely Rachel Allen again and it focused primarily on egg dishes ... omelettes, frittata etc. and a few dishes to highlight the wonder that is marzipan !!! (Bear in mind I was the type of child that wouldn't eat the marzipan that was the middle layer of the christmas cake icing!) It was an enjoyable demo but I was fading at the end. When i got back to the cottage I conked out on the sofa for 20 minutes ... dead to the world! 😴


Tomorrow I am cooking a Persian frittata called "KuKu Kadoo", a tomato fondue (multi purpose tomato sauce) and Marzipan Apples (Joy !!!!! ) ... I'll also see if I can make a bread too as I may have a bit of time to spare! If I don't ... i'll be worried! 😚

I can't believe we have one day to go and week two is done ... I also can't believe that I am heading to Midleton Farmers market at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, who's bright idea was that !!! 😱🤗

Also best of luck to my lovely cousin Anna who’s getting married in Mullingar! Have an amazing day Anna, sorry I can’t be there 😘