Reality Bites

So I decided not to post anything on my last day at work to let the dust settle a bit and to see how things felt ... especially after my first Monday out of work ...
Thursday, 15th February was my last day after almost 19 years at J.P.Morgan and almost 23 years in the funds industry, to say it was emotional wouldn’t even come close to describing it and certainly wouldn’t do it justice. The day seemed to flash by ... but a great lunch with my immediate team then a nice presentation with cards and gifts (from clients and colleagues) were a much appreciated sign off ... tears were shed!
Anyway ... my first day out of work was intentionally planned to be as far away from work as possible! A trip to London to see the “Pokefamily” and to “surprise” MT over lunch (only a certain person was reading his wife’s notifications !!!). Fittingly the first food experience away from work was at Galvin La Chapelle (photo below), great afternoon with fantastic friends. After that it was downhill ... a Birthday for a special little lady, far too much messing and a little too much affection for balloons, a haggis and a rolling pin!!!
A new week and it’s so weird not having a place to go to in the morning, even when sitting down for a few minutes and taking out your phone ... there’s no work emails to trail through ! Shocking! 
So the intention for the next two months is to get my head together and out of the clouds (or into the clouds!), train, read, cook (at least one dish a day!) 
Day one started with a simple tomato soup, day two some brown soda bread ! Best to start easy 😂