Humble Beginnings

As a way of writing my first blog post I should explain that Amazon and I have an extremely unhealthy relationship ... It lets me give it money regularly and it then sends me boxes upon boxes of books in the post! To date it has sent me hundreds of boxes, and I in turn have given it ... anyway ... thankfully they are now delivered to a locker service as it was getting a little embarrassing with my local post master ...
One thing that does annoy me about Amazon (may as well moan a little while I think of it) is that there is no loyalty program ... if there was ...I would be due a small fortune from them by now !!! 
I've been collecting cookbooks for around 18 years, ever since I got my first one from my mother,  "Delia Smiths - Delia's Complete Cookery Course" (that book has more than a few battle stains ... from the early years). It was presented to me when I left home and headed to the lovely Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (just so I wouldn't starve or at least to stave off my mothers guilt (joking Annie))!
500 or so are catalogued now using a fantastic software called "Book Collector" from ... it even has a loan function, something I wish I had over the years! (am sure there are another 20 or so sitting in friends bookshelves or boxes in their basements :) It also has an iPhone app (Barry) that lets you scan the barcodes of the books and then uploads them magically to the database !!!!
There's probably around 550+ in total but I will get around to organising the rest of them one of these days...
At the moment I am in a middle eastern / greek groove ... I'll start soon to post some recipes and photos of the efforts

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